4 Sun 12 Step Koyosegi

4 Sun 12 Step Koyosegi

4 Sun 12 Step Koyosegi This beautiful Japaneses puzzle box requires 12 steps in order to open it.  Made in the Koyosegi pattern. The “sun” in the name is a Japanese form of measurement.  Each “sun” is approximately 3 centimetres in box length.  The more steps in the name – the harder it is to open the box.  The last part of the title is the name of the pattern displayed on the box. Because of the hand-made nature of the box, the picture or pattern may have slight variations.Comes with a solution.

Open the box.

Although there are countless references to the benefits of reading books, games, etc., this article focuses on the value of wooden puzzles as a catalyst for learning young children. Even with the many electronic gadgets and gadgets, children are often attracted by simple things like a bouncy castle, an interesting book and intriguing, well-designed and intriguing puzzles.

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