6 Sun 3 Drawers Jewelry Box – Yosegi / Zaiku

6 Sun 3 Drawers Jewelry Box - Yosegi / Zaiku

6 Sun 3 Drawers Jewelry Box – Yosegi / Zaiku This beautiful Japanese box is not a puzzle; it is “yoseki” handicraft.  “Yoseki”, a sort of elaborate wood mosaic work treasured in Japan since older days, has been increasingly well reputed in foreign countries.  The mosaic work is made by using the best natural fine grains and textures of wood.  Timbers of different colors are cut into oblong rods of desired sections.  The rods are then glued to form the section of geometrical pattern designed.  The sectional surface is sliced into thin plates of wood, which are glued onto boxes and other handicraft works.  Glaze is added to the surface for shine and sturdiness.  Just dust and polish with a soft and dry cloth. An attractive box that is perfect to showcase and also use as a functional jewellery box or storage for small items. The “sun” in the name is a Japanese form of measurement.  Each “sun” is approximately 3 centimetres in box length.

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