Angry Birds Playground – Under Construction

Angry Birds Playground - Under Construction

Angry Birds Playground – Under Construction Build a strong fortress and conquer the world!This puzzle game, based on an award winning SmartGames design, will make your brain chirp! Using all 4 playing pieces, make sure you end up showing only the right pigs. Sometimes an angry bird will manage to show itself! More challenging than you would think…For one player, ages 7 and up.Content: 4 playing pieces, challenge booklet with 48 challenges and their solutions. How to Play: Choose a challenge and count how many of each character are shown. Arrange the 4 playing pieces on the game board to cover all characters except the ones pictured in your challenge. All puzzle pieces must be used, even when you don’t need 4 pieces to show the right figures. Puzzle pieces should not be placed on top of each other or the border. There is only 1 solution per challenge. Solutions to all 48 challenges can be found in the back of the booklet.

Are you a person who loves a good mystery? Me too, I also love jigsaw puzzles and you should know the two are now combined to make a mystery lovers life more challenging. These unique puzzles aptly name mystery jigsaw puzzles use the book to spin the tale but to get to the bottom of who dun it the answer lies within the puzzle itself, you cannot solve the mystery without it. There is just one more bit of sleuthing to do the puzzle doesn’t match the jigsaw picture on the box!

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