Aosu 4x4x4 – GTS M (Magnetic) Stickerless

Aosu 4x4x4 - GTS M (Magnetic) Stickerless

Aosu 4x4x4 – GTS M (Magnetic) Stickerless This cube has a unique and revolutionary design that you will have your fingers flying when playing! They have added a magnetic system to it to make turning even faster than before. Turns as good as the 3×3 speed cube. You can get a quarter turn for corner cutting on this cube.  The mechanism design is intended to have no pops.The AoSu 4x4x4 is one of many great puzzles from MoYu.

The simplicity of jigsaw puzzles is deceptive. While the concept is very straightforward – find the pieces and fix them together – there is a surprising level of mental activity required to carry out the steps needed to complete a puzzle. Psychological studies have identified a number of thought processes that are required to undertake what is in fact a complex process of identifying shapes and images and relating them to an overall pattern. More importantly, solving jigsaw puzzles is a great work out for the brain and can actually have therapeutic benefits.

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