Auto Mechanic’s Challenge

Auto Mechanic's Challenge

Auto Mechanic’s Challenge An original and challenging 18 piece puzzle created using at least 5 different types of wood.  Can you place the pieces back into the frame?Woods are precision laser cut and engraved with a high level of detail.  Items in the puzzle would be found around any auto shop, and include an engine, piston, generator, tools, gears, tire, battery, and more. It is an extremely difficult to solve, particularly if you have never viewed the solution.  We are packaging this puzzle UNSOLVED, though we will include the written solution unless you ask us not to.Measures approx 7” x 7” in base and laser engraved. An original Creative Crafthouse design made in our Florida woodshop with artwork by Alexandra Plummner.    It was created specifically to torment my auto mechanic brother Tom Janelle. 

While there are a plethora of references regarding the benefits of reading books, playing games, etc., this article focuses on the value of wooden jigsaw puzzles as a catalyst for learning in early childhood. Even with the many electronic gizmos and gadgets, oftentimes children are attracted to simple things like a bouncy ball, interesting book and well designed, intriguing jigsaw puzzles.

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