Bolaris – Vastavari / Complimentary Colors

Bolaris - Vastavari / Complimentary Colors

Bolaris – Vastavari / Complimentary Colors With a simple and easy-to-operate one-finger mechanism, a built-in locking system included to ensure precise action. (Pat.pend.)  With strong and durable construction made of ABS-plastics, totally safe without any harmful substancies. A simple (Pat.Pend.) mechanism: just slide one part at a time with your thumb. It´s recommended to use one hand to hold the Bolaris Ball and the other hand´s thumb to push/pull each rectangular part from it´s center-“tip”. The  frame consists of  static (solid) triangular corners and the grooves between them. The rect parts slide easily in the grooves, one part at a time. 1.) Scramble2.) Solve, in a way that the colour tones shift step by step in a harmony. Which colour should be  in between  white and blue? A light blue? The complementary colours are on the opposing sides of the Ball;the light tones are around the white corner,and the darker tones are situated around the black one.

Trying to see how pieces fit and re-assessing where they might go when they don’t fit is a good exercise in checking and re-evaluating choices. Each piece can only go in to one place so there is none of the compromising and trading-off that takes place in so many other aspects of modern life. This forces the player to constantly re-evaluate their decisions, and teaches patience with the process as it is an integral part of the game.

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