Cowboy’s Hobble

Cowboy's Hobble

Cowboy’s Hobble   A 40 year old classic, the Cowboy’s Hobble is a reminder of how simplicity in a puzzle’s design can be mistaken by easiness. Made from nickel plated wire and rope, this gruelling puzzle will challenge your wits as you try to remove the ring from the string. To make matters worse, the bead is larger than the ring’s width and it can’t go past the wire loop. Be careful not to make unnecessary knots. Designed by James Dalgety in 1971, who owns one of the largest mechanical puzzle collections in the world. Also known as “The Manacle” and “The Ball and Chain”, as marketed by Pentangle in 1972 and 1974 respectively. Winner of the London Design Centre Award in the 1970’s. From our PuzzleMaster Wire Puzzle Collection.  

The first thing you see when you look at a puzzle is the photo or illustration of the finished puzzle. When choosing, keep in mind that the image must have an educational value, but also something that the child can identify with. If the image is familiar to the child or meets the educational purpose (such as learning colors or name objects), the experience of completing the puzzle will be more enjoyable, satisfying and productive. The image must be easily recognizable so that the child can recognize it as something that they see around them in their daily lives. It must also distinguish functions to help them decide where to place the piece so that it is placed in the right place

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