Cranky – Wind-up Toys

Cranky - Wind-up Toys

Cranky – Wind-up Toys Design by Chico Bicalho Here are some tips to enjoy your wired four-legged friend and get the most fun out of its fidgety, yet useful, existence. Cranky wants to help you remember stuff by holding cards, pictures, notes, reminders, whatever you can wedge in its little claws, and, it dances to get your attention, like those women in boxing matches, showing the rounds card. Nevertheless, Cranky’s action is more exciting when it’s not holding anything, since it isn’t a bodybuilder, and the weight slows the poor creature down. To wind up Cranky, hold it in one hand, keeping the counterweight from spinning, while turning the key with the other hand. Cranky works best when all four booties touch the ground approximately 2″ (5 cm) forming a square from toe to toe. The legs may be adjusted by gently bending the wire near the body. If it falls over too often, bend the legs slightly apart until Cranky becomes steadier. If it’s not doing the samba, adjust the legs closer together. Every once in a while, a bit of spray lubricant will keep the engine revving like crazy. Cranky’s favorite performing surfaces are marble tables or thin carpets; essentially any level surface will do. What it really loves is to tap dance on a pool table with other Crankys. Two or more Crankys together make a very flashy party.  Colors of the feet and wind-up key may vary.  

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