Cube-IQ – Level 4

Cube-IQ - Level 4

Cube-IQ – Level 4 Cube IQ® is an ideal way for children 6 and above to improve their deductive reasoning, problem solving skills, memory and intuitive abilities. When one level is solved and the solution can be repeated quickly several times, then it’s on the to the next level to master a fresh, new challenge. The difficulty increases with each new level, but the knowledge gained from solving the prior Cube-IQ® maze will help. Encouraging the player to employ previously learned patterns builds confidence and leads to the satisfaction of success based on his/her own thought and effort.

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines early childhood as the ages between one and five years, encompassing the toddler and pre-school periods. Early childhood development occurs rapidly and is widely recognized as extremely important in setting the foundation for future learning, including the social, cognitive, and motor skills needed to handle the demands of pre-school and kindergarten. During these formative years, parents and other caring people in their lives, have the ability to enhance this development by wisely choosing activities that stimulate and challenge their minds.

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