Dotzee Dotzee is a game of chance and choices.  Spot the Dotz to win at Dotzee, the swift and sneaky game of pattern recognition that mixes luck and strategy into tons of fun!  Roll the great big dice and strategically slide them to form different combinations.  Shoot for four of a kind, two pair, a small straight or a flush and score!  Pay attention!… the dice make up the game board, and the game board changes on each and every turn.  If you can see the possibilities to score before they actually appear, you’ll be spot-on with your strategic moves.  Fun to two players or more… put your family and friends on the spot – play Dotzee! Ages: 6+Players: 2 – 6Average Game Length: 10 – 30 minutesIncludes: 16 custom dice, wooden game board and instructions

Spot scoring chances before your opponents.

Are you a person who loves a good mystery? Me too, I also love jigsaw puzzles and you should know the two are now combined to make a mystery lovers life more challenging. These unique puzzles aptly name mystery jigsaw puzzles use the book to spin the tale but to get to the bottom of who dun it the answer lies within the puzzle itself, you cannot solve the mystery without it. There is just one more bit of sleuthing to do the puzzle doesn’t match the jigsaw picture on the box!

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