Einstein’s House Riddle

Einstein's House Riddle

Einstein’s House Riddle This puzzle is No. 1 in the EINSTEIN COLLECTION. The ultimate problem-solver and a lover of brainteasers, it has been suggested that Einstein might have written this classic riddle himself. It’s a fun but challenging test of deductive reasoning. The aim is to use the fifteen clues to arrange the pieces of the wooden houses in the right place to work out who owns the fish. 1.  There are five houses in five different colours.2.  In each house lives a person of a different nationality3.  These five owners drink a different beverage, play a different instrument and own a different pet.4.  No owners drink the same beverage, play the same instrument or own the same pet. Whilst everyone is trying to disprove the theory, it is believed that 98% of those who try, cannot solve it. Can you claim your space in the 2% whose genius might just rival that of the great man himself? A fun and tactile logic puzzle that will confound and amuse the puzzle lover and logical mind!  Comes packaged in a quality box that features all of the clues displayed on the inside of the lid.    

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