Escape Room: The Game Expansion Pack – Redbeard’s Gold

Escape Room: The Game Expansion Pack - Redbeard's Gold

Escape Room: The Game Expansion Pack – Redbeard’s Gold NOTE: This expansion pack requires the base game of Escape Room: The Game in order to play.  Items needed from the base game are: Chrono decoder, 16 keys, hint decoder, game rules) Your heart is beating in your throat when you get to the closed door to the captain’s cabin;  Redbeard’s cabin.  No time for hesitation now.  This is not the moment to be thinking about the risks and possible consequences.  Hurry up, sailor!  This is your chance to leave your pirate existence behind and start a new life. Contents: Envelopes with game boards and various play materials, 8 hint cardsAges: 16+Players: 3 – 5Playing Time: 60 minutesManufacturers difficulty rating: 2 out of 5

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