Eureka Ball – Red

Eureka Ball - Red

Eureka Ball – Red The Eureka Ball® consists of 12 magnetic design pieces€Š—€Šeach a seven-sided, truncated pentagonal pyramid. Together, these Eureka pieces form a beautiful 12-sided dodecahedron, one of only five polyhedrons that make up the class of “Platonic solids.” Polarity markers help you connect positive magnetic sides with negative magnetic sides. Once you have mastered the Eureka Ball challenge, enjoy creating new designs and shapes. That’s when the fun begins! Designed by Roger von Oech.  Roger also created the popular Ball of Whacks and X-Ball.  His seminars and products have enhanced creativity of many millions worldwide.  He is the author of the creativity classica A Whack on the Side of the Head, A Kick in the Seat of the Pants, Expect the Unexpected, and the Creative Whack Pack card deck and iPhone/iPad App.  He earned his Ph. D. from Stanford University in the “History of Ideas”.

Are you a person who loves a good mystery? Me too, I also love puzzles and you should know that the two are now being combined to make the life of a mysterious enthusiast more challenging. These original puzzles give the right name to mysterious puzzles. Use the book to run the story, but to find out who finds the answer in the puzzle itself, you can not solve the mystery without it. There is just a little more research needed to make the puzzle not match the image of the puzzle in the box!

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