Glass Puzzle – Rice Crackers

Glass Puzzle - Rice Crackers

Glass Puzzle – Rice Crackers Made from strong and durable plastic. Place all 7 rice crackers in the glass, but be sure they don’t go over the mouth. Each cracker is slightly different, so the trick is to find the best fit for each one of them. A great puzzle designed by the late Nobuyuki Yoshigahara, who also designed many puzzles for the Hanayama Cast series. The Glass Puzzle is a series of eight puzzles, each featuring a different type of food, made by Beverly Enterprises.

Although there are countless references to the benefits of reading books, games, etc., this article focuses on the value of wooden puzzles as a catalyst for learning young children. Even with the many electronic gadgets and gadgets, children are often attracted by simple things like a bouncy castle, an interesting book and intriguing, well-designed and intriguing puzzles.

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