Helicopter DIY Dodecahedron – Black Body

Helicopter DIY Dodecahedron - Black Body

Helicopter DIY Dodecahedron – Black Body This Helicopter DIY Dodecahedron is made with a high quality black ABS plastic. The object is to scramble the 12 sides and then put them all back to where they started. You will come to see how challenging this puzzle can be as its shape changes into a variety of formations in the scramble process. The do-it-yourself feature allows for you to customize your color pattern however you like. MF8, the creators of this puzzle, is owned by Mr. Fok, who is not only a designer, but also owns an OEM factory, which allows him to continually release puzzles into the market.

The simplicity of jigsaw puzzles is deceptive. While the concept is very straightforward – find the pieces and fix them together – there is a surprising level of mental activity required to carry out the steps needed to complete a puzzle. Psychological studies have identified a number of thought processes that are required to undertake what is in fact a complex process of identifying shapes and images and relating them to an overall pattern. More importantly, solving jigsaw puzzles is a great work out for the brain and can actually have therapeutic benefits.

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