Mastermorphix – 4 Clear Color

Mastermorphix - 4 Clear Color

Mastermorphix – 4 Clear Color The QiYi Mastermorphix is a beautifully transparent cube that hints at its inner workings.  The curved design provides optimum hand appeal. The object of this puzzle is to scramble all of the sides and then return it back to its starting position. This puzzle is extra challenging because as it is scrambled it changes shape, so not only do you have to put all of the colors on the right face, but you also have to bring it back to the original form. 

Provides a focus for chatting about what is shown in the picture Improves the child’s hand-eye coordination Develops the child’s ability to rationalize size/shape recognition Encourages the steps that are taken by the child in a logical sequencing process Enhances spatial awareness Develops the child’s ability to identify alphabet letters later because doing puzzles has helped them to recognize shapes Encourages perseverance in completing an activity once it is started Builds a child’s confidence and sense of achievement when they complete the puzzle Above all doing puzzles is fun!

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