Mechanical Metal Model – Marvel Tank 2

Mechanical Metal Model - Marvel Tank 2

Mechanical Metal Model – Marvel Tank 2 This metal build-it-yourself model kit is inspired by First World War designs, but has been stylized in a more peaceful and elegant fashion. The self-propelling mechanism can overcome obstacles with its shiny tracks. The tank moves from a wind-up spring system. Build this beautiful combination of real-world history and steampunk beauty to decorate your home or workspace! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Scale 1:56. Model size: 141 x 63 x 48 mm Set: 4 plates with parts, 9 additional gears, spring, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, pliers, file and instructions. Material: polished stainless steel. Number of pieces: 140 pieces Recommended age: 14+ Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic. ALL MODELS COME IN CARDBOARD BOXES.

Trying to see how pieces fit and re-assessing where they might go when they don’t fit is a good exercise in checking and re-evaluating choices. Each piece can only go in to one place so there is none of the compromising and trading-off that takes place in so many other aspects of modern life. This forces the player to constantly re-evaluate their decisions, and teaches patience with the process as it is an integral part of the game.

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