Mechanical Model – Secrets of Egypt Treasure Box

Mechanical Model - Secrets of Egypt Treasure Box

Mechanical Model – Secrets of Egypt Treasure Box Enhance your collection with this gorgeous Egyptian model pyramid and add an exotic touch to your home décor, while having a place to store your small treasures! This DIY 3D mechanical model is made with premium quality, highly durable wooden pieces, having a long-lasting construction and delicate finishes which are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. This Egyptian pyramid model features a unique design which includes a small storage niche for jewelry or other small items, making it a practical and useful home accessory.  Assemble the model and then use the unique mechanism to open it! The Veter Models Egyptian Pyramid 3D puzzle will surely surprise you not only with its gorgeous finishes, but with its versatility and functionality. With long-lasting materials, genuine replica design and enhanced durability, this pyramid model will complete your collection, being a nice décor to your bedroom or living room!  Rating level of manufacturer is E (easy). You’ll fall in love instantly with this pyramid wooden model! COMES EMPTY (does not include jewelry etc.)Ages: 14+ Some of the amazing features of this product: — 100% safe materials — Easy DIY self-assembly — Elegant packaging — Features small slot for storing jewelry and smaller items  

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