Most Perfect Magic Square 64

Most Perfect Magic Square 64

Most Perfect Magic Square 64 Can you arrange the blocks such that every row, column and main diagonals add to the same number?   Many fascinating math qualities can be explored with this puzzle and are illuminated in the instructions below.  In recreational mathematics, a magic square is an arrangement of integers in a square grid where each number is used only once. The numbers in each row, each column, and the numbers in the two main diagonals all add up to the same number.   There are a number of other variations of magic squares dependent on certain qualities of the square. Examples are Panmagic, Multimagic, Semi-magic, Multiplicative magic and others.  We leave it to the reader to research these things.  Magic squares have a long history, dating back to 650 BC in China. At various times they have acquired magical or mythical significance, and have appeared as symbols in works of art. We encourage you to do added research on this fascinating topic. Puzzle comes packed unsolved, but does come with written solution.  Includes a wooden cover.Made in the USA by CreativeCrafthouse.

Make every row, column & major diagonal add to the same #.

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