Oahaca – Wind-up Toys

Oahaca - Wind-up Toys

Oahaca – Wind-up Toys Design by Chico Bicalho Stainless steel with pull string  Hops around when string is pulled Oahaca belongs to a group so unruly and wild, we had to put them on a leash!  There are two ways you can set Oahaca in motion; when you pull the Saturn on top, you can hold on to the pull-string, and guide it through its mission, or, you can let it go and see what happens.  Oahaca is the first member of a new family of windups with double spinning off-center weights, and pull-string. Colors of body and feet may vary.                    

It provides a focus to talk about what improves in the image the hand-eye child coordination develops the child’s ability to streamline the recognition of size and / or form stimulates the steps taken by the child in a logical order places increases spatial insight Develops the ability of the child to later identify letters of the alphabet because puzzles help them to recognize them Encourages perseverance in completing an activity after it has started Creates the confidence and feeling of satisfaction of a child through the above puzzle to complete everything, making jigsaw puzzles is fun!

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