Pandemic: On The Brink – Expansion

Pandemic: On The Brink - Expansion

Pandemic: On The Brink – Expansion Note: This is not a stand-alone game; the base game Pandemic (2013 edition) is required to be able to play this expansion. Pandemic: On the Brink is an expansion to the popular cooperative game, Pandemic, where players take on roles to work together to find cures to 4 diseases.In this expansion you will find seven new roles; eight new special events; and several challenge kits to be added to the basic game play.Virulent Strain Challenge: makes one disease become particularly deadly in unpredictable ways.Mutation Challenge: adds a fifth (purple) disease that behaves differently than the original four.Bio-Terrorist Challenge: one player plays against the others!You may also play with 5 players and play on Legendary level!This is the 2013 edition, compatible with the 2013 edition of Pandemic. Players: 2 – 5Ages: 8+Average Game Length: 45 minutesContents: 7 new Role cards, with matching pawns 8 new Event Cards 8 Virulent Strain Epidemic cards 12 purple Disease cubes 1 purple Disease marker 1 Cure Indicator sticker and card 2 Mutation cards 3 Mutation Event cards 1 Bio-Terrorist location pad 1 Epidemic card 1 reference card 4 blank cards for customizing 5 petri dishes and labels Game by: Matt Leacock and Tom Lehmann

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