Playing Cards – Jokes

Playing Cards - Jokes

Playing Cards – Jokes Who doesn’t need a good laugh now and again? Our family friendly double deck of Jokes Playing Cards with over 400 jokes will have the whole family chuckling. The following jokes are an indication of the barrels of laugh awaiting you! What did the patient say to the doctor who said he had been practicing medicine for over 10 years. Call me when you’re done practicing and decide to get serious. What did the poet say when he was asked if he was well enough to write some poetry? No. I feel verse than I did yesterday. Did you hear about the young bone specialist? He just opened his office and needed a break to get started. Did you hear about the man who quit the CIA to become a bishop? Now all his files are marked “Sacred and “Top Sacred”. Did you hear about the snake who married an undertaker? Their towels said “Hiss” and “Hearse” Want to hear more? Purchase our Jokes Playing Cards, share them with family, friends and colleagues and watch them roll their eyes… simple yet whitty! Comes in two individual packages of 54 cards each.

Are you a person who loves a good mystery? Me too, I also love jigsaw puzzles and you should know the two are now combined to make a mystery lovers life more challenging. These unique puzzles aptly name mystery jigsaw puzzles use the book to spin the tale but to get to the bottom of who dun it the answer lies within the puzzle itself, you cannot solve the mystery without it. There is just one more bit of sleuthing to do the puzzle doesn’t match the jigsaw picture on the box!

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