Playing Cards – Wine Facts

Playing Cards - Wine Facts

Playing Cards – Wine Facts Wine has been an important beverage for thousands of years. Modern day wine ranges from the simple and traditional to the more complex and sophisticated.An excellent accompaniment to a variety of cuisines, the wine industry is both fascinating and intriguing and the information that has been gathered in this double deck of Wine Trivia Playing Cards covers a wide range of topics including Wine History and Wine Trivia for a total of 108 interesting facts about wine. Are you aware of the following?Dom Perignon’s real name was Pierre. He was the cellar master of Hautvillers Benedictine Abbey and reportedly came up with a procedure to produce champagne by using a second fermentation method that took place in the bottle that created carbon-dioxide that gives Champagne its bubbles. It’s thought however that Dom Perignon was actually trying to remove the bubbles as they were considered faulty. It wasn’t until 1936 that Dom Perignon the champagne was produced.When a glass of wine is swirled alcohol clings to the side and falls back in “legs”. In Germany it is known as “church windows” which it resembles. Legs are a product of the simple fact that the alcohol in wine evaporates more quickly than water. Did you know that the thickness and speed at which legs drop indicates a wine’s strength? Slower legs indicate higher alcohol content.Enjoy imbibing your favorite vintage and take your time uncovering the facts presented in this educational double deck of Wine Trivia Playing Cards. What a perfect gift idea for the wine connoiseur or those simply curious about everything wine. Comes in two individual packages of 54 cards each.

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