Race for the Galaxy – 2nd Edition

Race for the Galaxy - 2nd Edition

Race for the Galaxy – 2nd Edition Race for the Galaxy is the classic game of space civilizations for 2-4 players.   Come discover what thousands of players around the world already know.  Explore the galaxy, conquer worlds, expand your empire and defeat your opponents. Each game of Race for the Galaxy lasts less than 30 minutes.  But, the challenge is endless.  Every game is different with dozens of new worlds to explore and conquer. This is the new Second Edition which adds 6 new start worlds, color-blind support, and updated rules with sample turns for easier teaching. Players: 2 – 4Ages: 14+Average Game Length: 30 – 60 minutesContents: 5 start world cards 109 game cards 4 sets of 7 player action cards 8 cards for experienced 2-player game 4 summary sheets 28 Victory Point chips 1 Rules  

Trying to see how pieces fit and re-assessing where they might go when they don’t fit is a good exercise in checking and re-evaluating choices. Each piece can only go in to one place so there is none of the compromising and trading-off that takes place in so many other aspects of modern life. This forces the player to constantly re-evaluate their decisions, and teaches patience with the process as it is an integral part of the game.

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