Space Rail Level 4 – Glow in the Dark

Space Rail Level 4 - Glow in the Dark

Space Rail Level 4 – Glow in the Dark SpaceRail is a line of do-it-yourself marble roller coasters. Assemble the pieces by cutting track to the correct size, forming cubes, loops, runs, and drops, and attaching everything to metal rods in the plastic base. Once assembled, enjoy hours & hours of rolling metal ball entertainment.   The auger that lifts your ball back to the top will ensure that it is in constant motion, flying down the track to its next turn or looping through the track again and again. This track also glows in the dark! Level 4 has more loops, but is still easy to assemble. This set is suitable for intermediate users. An English instruction manual is included. Rail length: 26000mm Assembled size: 72 x 34 x 36cm Steel balls: 4pcs Weight: 2kg Difficulty: Intermediate Assembly time: 7-8 hours Recommended for intermediate users English instruction manual included Package includes: Base x 9 Shaft 300mm x 16 Shaft 200mm x 5 Rail 26000mm x 1 Arm Parts x 56 Corner Parts (A) x 56 Corner Parts (B) x 62 Arm Sheath x 60 Arm Wrench x 118 Rail Stand x 70 Fork Parts x 1 Elevator Part x 1 Gear Box x 1 Stand Part x 1 Seesaw Part x 3 Base Holder Big x 4 Base Holder Small x 6 Shaft Stand x 2 Gear Box Stand x 1 Steel Ball x 4 Rail Joining Parts x 10 English/Chinese Instruction Manual x 1 Batteries Not included.  Requires one C battery. This video is not the glow in the dark model but it is the same level.

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