Spinney – Wind-up Toys

Spinney - Wind-up Toys

Spinney – Wind-up Toys Design by Chico Bicalho Here are some tips to enjoy your wired four-legged friend and get the most fun out of its fidgety existence. Spinney is like an old lawn mower with the mind of a flea; it needs occasional maintenance, tweaking and sometimes a drop of oil. Don’t worry; it’s all part of the fun. To wind up Spinney, hold it in one hand, keeping the counterweight from spinning, while turning the key with the other hand. Spinney works best when all four booties touch the ground approximately 2″ (5 cm) left to right, and 2″ (5 cm) front to rear (from front toe to rear heel), and legs have to be swept back. The legs may be adjusted by gently bending the wire near the body. If it falls over too often, bend the legs slightly apart until Spinney becomes steadier. If it’s not active enough, adjust the legs closer together. Every once in a while, a bit of spray lubricant will keep the engine buzzing like crazy. Spinney’s favorite performing surfaces are marble tables or thin carpets; essentially any level surface will do. What it really loves is to tap dance on a pool table with other Spinneys, but please, no target practice. Two or more Spinneys together make a Spinney-whinny party. Colors of feet and wind-up keys may vary. >  

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