Super 3x3x6 II – Black Body

Super 3x3x6 II - Black Body

Super 3x3x6 II – Black Body The Super 3x3x6 II is made with a black plastic core. The object of this puzzle is to scramble all 6 sides and then put them back so that each face has a solid color. This puzzle is extra challenging because it has 3 layers in both length and width, but is 6 layers high, with a wide middle layer that is a 3×7 layer instead of 3×3, making this puzzle much more difficult. This puzzle has an offset axis so that when rotated it does not always maintain a square shape; this, combined with an added circle on the white 3×3 makes this puzzle much harder to solve.  The Super 3x3x6 II is developed by WitEden who is a manufacturer and a wholesaler.  

Trying to see how the pieces fit and re-assessing where they can go if they do not fit is a good exercise to check and re-evaluate the choices. Each piece can only come in one place, so there is no compromise and negotiation that takes place in so many other aspects of modern life. This forces the player to continually re-evaluate his decisions and learns to be patient with the process because it is an integral part of the game.

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