Super 5 Layer Pentahedron Puzzle – Solid 5 Color Body

Super 5 Layer Pentahedron Puzzle - Solid 5 Color Body

Super 5 Layer Pentahedron Puzzle – Solid 5 Color Body This Super 5 Layer Pentahedron Puzzle is made from 5 different colors of ABS plastic. The object of this puzzle is to scramble up all 5 of the colored edges and then organize them back to the starting position. This puzzle not only has 5 layers, but there is also an extra circle added to the 3 long faces for increased difficulty. This puzzle is manufactured by MF8 and DaYan. MF8 is owned by Mr. Fok, who is not only a designer, but also owns an OEM factory, which allows him to continually release puzzles into the market.

The first thing you see when looking at any puzzle is the photo or illustration of the completed puzzle. On choosing, remember that the image should have some educational value but also be something the child can relate to. If the image is familiar to the child or fulfills the educational objective (like learning colours or naming objects), the experience of completing the puzzle will be all the more enjoyable, satisfying and productive. The image should be easily recognizable so the child can identify it as something they see around them in their everyday life. It should also have distinguishable features to help them decide where to put the piece so that it ends up in the right place.

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