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CCO Puzzle

CCO Puzzle

CCO Puzzle C-C-O is a 3 piece burr puzzle.  Two are shaped like a “C” and the third like an “O”.  It will come assembled in the knot like object seen in the main photo.  Your goal is to first get the pieces apart, and then get them back together.  This is one of the simple looking puzzles that turns out to be not so simple….  5 to 10 minutes would be a normal solution time, but its a fun challenge that most people will want to tackle. Made in the USA by Creative Crafthouse.

Take apart the pieces and put back together.

It provides a focus to talk about what improves in the image the hand-eye child coordination develops the child’s ability to streamline the recognition of size and / or form stimulates the steps taken by the child in a logical order places increases spatial insight Develops the ability of the child to later identify letters of the alphabet because puzzles help them to recognize them Encourages perseverance in completing an activity after it has started Creates the confidence and feeling of satisfaction of a child through the above puzzle to complete everything, making jigsaw puzzles is fun!

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