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Cracked Egg

Cracked Egg

Cracked Egg Can you place all 6 pieces into the egg shaped opening?  Shocking difficult and that’s no yoke!  (sorry).Maple pieces are in the floorboard frame measuring 6 x 5”.  Frame and pieces are laser cut to assure only the one known solution.  The unusual oval shaped frame will foil computer programmer attempts to solve this. Comes packed unsolved.  Solution is provided.Made in Hudson, Florida by Creative Crafthouse with permission of Stewart Coffin.

Fit all the pieces into the frame.

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines early childhood as the age of one to five and includes the periods of the child and the kindergarten. The development of early childhood takes place quickly and is widely recognized as extremely important in laying the foundation for future learning, including the social, cognitive, and motor skills needed to meet the demands of kindergarten and kindergarten. During these years of formation, parents and others who care for their lives have the ability to improve their development by wisely choosing activities that stimulate and challenge their minds.

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