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Four T’s

Four T's

Four T’s This is a packing challenge puzzle where there are 4 pieces (shaped like the capital letter ‘T’) and a wooden tray that has two sides (one side has a larger compartment and the other one is a smaller compartment.) The objective is to take the four ‘T’s out and try to fit them back in the tray.  Do it first using the larger, or beginner tray.  Once you are successful try the tougher task of trying to fit all the pieces into the smaller tray. Includes wooden box and cover.

Fit all four T’s into the tray.

Although there are countless references to the benefits of reading books, games, etc., this article focuses on the value of wooden puzzles as a catalyst for learning young children. Even with the many electronic gadgets and gadgets, children are often attracted by simple things like a bouncy castle, an interesting book and intriguing, well-designed and intriguing puzzles.

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