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Le Pinch – Wind-up Toys

Le Pinch - Wind-up Toys

Le Pinch – Wind-up Toys The new windup, Le Pinch was designed in collaboration between Chico Bicalho and Isabella Torquato. The concept was discussed, and based on the movement of the inchworm, back in early 2006. In order to illustrate the movement, and idea of a mechanized inchworm, an animation was created using a 3d modeling program, and sent to the factory, in order for research to begin. To orchestrate the alternating movement, and articulated pivoting of Le Pinch’s gearbox, was no easy task. The mechanics involving the unique movement of Le Pinch was by far the most challenging windup design in the ten years since Critter was introduced back in 1997. More than one hundred prototypes were designed, and produced between 2006 and 2007, but only towards the end, they began to make sense, and to move properly. Although Le Pinch was, by far, the most complex, and challenging windup to create, we hope it entertains people in the same proportion, for we believe the result is exactly what we had dreamed with from the early plans. Le Pinch loves to climb. Colors of feet and wind-up keys may vary. 

Wooden puzzles are an updated version of a traditional toy and are designed for education purposes. They offer an excellent price-quality ratio, given the number of positive rewards that you can only get from toys. It is an activity that can be shared with friends or family, which gives a huge feeling of satisfaction when the last piece is put together, so that the child wants to repeat the puzzle over and over again.

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