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Mechanical Model – Speed Fighter

Mechanical Model - Speed Fighter

Mechanical Model – Speed Fighter Since childhood, have you looked at the sky and envied the birds? Haunted by the feat of Icarus? Feel the romance of height and speed with this SpeedFighter. Swiftness, flight, a sense of freedom! All of this you will find in a mechanical DIY aircraft model from Veter Models. Take the helm of a WWII fighter jet. Check out the gracefulness of the lines! 1) Running engine. 2) Functionality of ailerons, elevator, rudder. 3) The model is set in motion by means of a metal spring (accelerates to 1.5m). 4) Retractable landing gear allows you to enjoy the aerodynamic lines of the model on the stand. The roar of the working propeller engine will allow you to plunge into the world of aerobatics. Dedicated to all romantics and dreamers! Self-assembly – no glue required Number of parts: 562 Detailed instructions included Working mechanisms allow the plane to run up to 1.5 m Age: 14+ Difficulty: Advanced Assembly time: Approximately 8 hours

Assemble the pieces to make a model airplaine.

Trying to see how pieces fit and re-assessing where they might go when they don’t fit is a good exercise in checking and re-evaluating choices. Each piece can only go in to one place so there is none of the compromising and trading-off that takes place in so many other aspects of modern life. This forces the player to constantly re-evaluate their decisions, and teaches patience with the process as it is an integral part of the game.

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