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Melting Blocks Puzzle (Redstone Box)

Melting Blocks Puzzle (Redstone Box)

Melting Blocks Puzzle (Redstone Box) This is a really attractive puzzle. Comes with an all hardwood box and sliding lid. Embedded into a hold area on the lid is a red block, the “Redstone”. If you remove the lid you will see that the box appears to be full to the top with 8 pcs. The puzzle comes in the unsolved state.  Your goal is to insert all 9 pieces in the box so that you can slide the lid back on.  Seems impossible, but of course it can be done. Comes with clear instructions. Box measures about 4 1/2″ x 3″ x 2 3/4″ high. This puzzle was designed by Thomas O`Beirne, Canada.

Fit the red stone into the box with the other 9 pieces.

The simplicity of jigsaw puzzles is deceptive. While the concept is very straightforward – find the pieces and fix them together – there is a surprising level of mental activity required to carry out the steps needed to complete a puzzle. Psychological studies have identified a number of thought processes that are required to undertake what is in fact a complex process of identifying shapes and images and relating them to an overall pattern. More importantly, solving jigsaw puzzles is a great work out for the brain and can actually have therapeutic benefits.

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