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Playing Cards – Hockey Facts

Playing Cards - Hockey Facts

Playing Cards – Hockey Facts He shoots. He scores! Hockey is Canada’s unofficial national sport and our Hockey Trivia Playing Cards takes a break from our other trivia playing cards as they offer both Hockey Trivia as well as Hockey Questions & Answers to test family and friends’ hockey knowledge.Q. The Stanley cup was originally known by what name?A. The name that was formally engraved on the Stanley Cup is the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup though the trophy was almost immediately known by the name of its benefactor.The Winnipeg Falcons, a team of second-generation Icelandic immigrants, won Canada’s first hockey gold medal at the 1920 Antwerp Summer Olympics. Each team played 20 minute halves with 7 men and no substitutes. The Falcons won gold defeating Sweden 12-1.Our Hockey Trivia Playing Cards provide a wealth of information and insights into the wonderful, fast and hard-hitting game of hockey. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for the ardent hockey fan, look no further! Comes in two individual packages of 54 cards each.

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