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Playing Cards – Pub Jokes

Playing Cards - Pub Jokes

Playing Cards – Pub Jokes Who doesn’t need a good laugh now and again? Our double deck of Pub Jokes Playing Cards with over 200 jokes will have you chuckling. The following jokes are an indication of the barrels of laughs awaiting you!In a bar in a remote Alaskan town, a newcomer hears people yell out numbers, 24,52,31.  He asks the guy next to him, “What’s going on?”  The guy replies, “The jokes have been told so many times, people just yell out their numbers instead of retelling them.”  So the man yells out, “27”, but nobody laughs.  “What’s the problem?” says the man.  The guy replies, “Some people can tell a joke, some people can’t.” Two men were fighting at the bar.  One threw a prawn cocktail.  “And that’s just for starters,” he said.  Want to hear more? Purchase our Pub Jokes Playing Cards… simple yet witty! A great gift idea throughout the year. Comes in two individual packages of 54 cards each.This product is suitable for ages 18+.

The simplicity of jigsaw puzzles is deceptive. While the concept is very straightforward – find the pieces and fix them together – there is a surprising level of mental activity required to carry out the steps needed to complete a puzzle. Psychological studies have identified a number of thought processes that are required to undertake what is in fact a complex process of identifying shapes and images and relating them to an overall pattern. More importantly, solving jigsaw puzzles is a great work out for the brain and can actually have therapeutic benefits.

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