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Qbitz Extreme

Qbitz Extreme

Qbitz Extreme Qbitz Extreme: Visual Dexterity.  Unleashed.  A twist on the classic Q-bitz game that is not for the faint-hearted! Players each get their own Q-bitz Extreme board with 16 cubes, and race to be first to replicate the curving pattern to win the card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is declared the Extreme champion! Game variations include rolling the cubes until you get the correct shapes needed to complete the pattern, studying the card for ten seconds before turning it over and recreating the pattern from memory, and a special round of game play where you create the pattern in reverse! Includes 80 pattern cards. Ages: 8+Players: 2 – 4Brand: MindWare

Race to recreate the shape on the challenge card.

Provides a focus for chatting about what is shown in the picture Improves the child’s hand-eye coordination Develops the child’s ability to rationalize size/shape recognition Encourages the steps that are taken by the child in a logical sequencing process Enhances spatial awareness Develops the child’s ability to identify alphabet letters later because doing puzzles has helped them to recognize shapes Encourages perseverance in completing an activity once it is started Builds a child’s confidence and sense of achievement when they complete the puzzle Above all doing puzzles is fun!

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