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Secret House #2

Secret House #2

Secret House #2 This box features a twist on the traditional japanese puzzle box, since it features the shape of a quaint little house.  It takes twelve moves to open this box but just finding them will be a challenge.  Himitsu-Bako in Japanese means secret box. It began with a small box that was made with a very simple device or trick to open.  Over time, these secret boxes have become more complicated and elaborate and they continue to evolve.  The craftsmen use natural fine grains and textures of wood to make their work. Includes solution and comes in a pressboard gift box.

Open the Box

While there are a plethora of references regarding the benefits of reading books, playing games, etc., this article focuses on the value of wooden jigsaw puzzles as a catalyst for learning in early childhood. Even with the many electronic gizmos and gadgets, oftentimes children are attracted to simple things like a bouncy ball, interesting book and well designed, intriguing jigsaw puzzles.

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