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Tesla’s Puzzle Box

Tesla's Puzzle Box

Tesla’s Puzzle Box We are back in the 1900’s, and a mysterious box has been found outside of Nikola Tesla’s lab. The city has been plunged into darkness and your objective is to light up the plasma ball!  Start by using “The Old Post” newspaper clipping that is provided with the puzzle…This is an escape room type of puzzle.  It takes about 90 minutes to solve for one to three people. It comes with an introduction paper, extension cord and solution! It’s 100% handmade by hobbyist designer Andy Gilker, who is an engineer by trade.  It has been carefully assembled and verified (A verification list signed and dated by the designer is also included )  

Although there are countless references to the benefits of reading books, games, etc., this article focuses on the value of wooden puzzles as a catalyst for learning young children. Even with the many electronic gadgets and gadgets, children are often attracted by simple things like a bouncy castle, an interesting book and intriguing, well-designed and intriguing puzzles.

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