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The Yak Puzzle

The Yak Puzzle

The Yak Puzzle The Yak might be an intimidating beast, but this puzzle could prove to be a tough nut to crack as well. Made from resistant 3mm nickel plated wire and brass for the diamond shapes, The Yak Puzzle requires you to remove the handle from the frame and then put it back to its starting position. A very challenging puzzle from the designer Dick Hess, who has created other interesting wire puzzles, like the Brontosaurus or The Whale. From our own brand of PuzzleMaster Wire Puzzles. Comes in a reusable clam shell packaging.

Remove the Handle

Trying to see how pieces fit and re-assessing where they might go when they don’t fit is a good exercise in checking and re-evaluating choices. Each piece can only go in to one place so there is none of the compromising and trading-off that takes place in so many other aspects of modern life. This forces the player to constantly re-evaluate their decisions, and teaches patience with the process as it is an integral part of the game.

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