The Baffler – Drip Curl

The Baffler - Drip Curl

The Baffler – Drip Curl Quite possibly the most unique jigsaw puzzles on the planet! Each puzzle is randomly designed and cut in the oddest ways to make it as tricky as possible. With few to no straight edges, no overlapping colors, and a myriad of unique shapes, how do you complete each puzzle? It’s baffling! 66 pieces. Puzzle by Chris Yates.  

Wooden puzzles are an updated version of a traditional toy and are designed for education purposes. They offer an excellent price-quality ratio, given the number of positive rewards that you can only get from toys. It is an activity that can be shared with friends or family, which gives a huge feeling of satisfaction when the last piece is put together, so that the child wants to repeat the puzzle over and over again.

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