Ticket to Ride: First Journey – Europe

Ticket to Ride: First Journey - Europe

Ticket to Ride: First Journey – Europe Easy to learn and quick to play, Ticket to Ride: First Journey is the perfect introduction to the Ticket to Ride series.  Players collect train cards, claim routes on the map, and try to connect the cities shown on their tickets to achieve victory.  So climb aboard and embark on your very own railway adventure! “Grandma! is that you on this old picture? What is this big tower?”“Ohhh, the Eiffel Tower! That was long ago, one of my first trips in Europe with your grandpa…”“Where did you go in Europe?”“We visited a lot of cities… Paris, Vienna, even Moscow… somehow, my whole life was a journey.” Contents:         1 Game Board    80 Plastic Trains    72 Train Cards    32 Ticket Cards    4 Bonus Ticket Cards & 1 “Golden Ticket” Card    1 RulesheetPlayers: 2-4 PlayersAges: Age 6+Average Game Length: 15-30 minutes

Wooden puzzles are an up-to-date version of a traditional toy, and are designed with education in mind. They are exceptional value for money considering the number of positive rewards you can get out of just one toy. It’s an activity that can be shared with friends or family, one which provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction when the last piece is fitted, making the child want to do the puzzle again and again.

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