Time to assemble puzzles: 7 benefits for your children

7 benefits for your children

Assembling puzzles is not only fun, but also offers a number of benefits for children’s development. Do you want to practice this activity as a family? Ahead!

7 benefits for your children

Credit to : telemundo.com

1. Basic skills

Here are some skills that puzzles enhance in children, according to the Teach site:

– Physics. It is because they manipulate, stir, hold and fit the pieces.

– Cognitive. They benefit by solving the problems presented by the game.

– Emotional They learn to be patient.

2. The world around

A child’s brain development is significantly affected when he interacts with the world around him. The puzzles provide a key opportunity, as they allow you to work directly with your environment and change its shape and appearance, explains the site of the United States Institute for Child Development.

3. Coordination between the eyes and hands

When they manipulate the pieces of the puzzle, children learn the connection between their eyes and their hands. These two parts of your body work together with the brain to precisely fit the pieces.

4. Troubleshooting

When they look at the pieces and decipher where they fit, they are developing this vital skill. The puzzles teach them to use their minds to solve them in a logical way.

5. Memory

They help to improve it, since they must remember the size, color and shape of each piece. If it does not fit, they set it aside and remember it until necessary.

6. Thick motor skills

Puzzles with large pieces or those that are for stacking, help to improve the thickest movements of children, especially the smallest, according to Teach.

7. Emotions

How? Because they set a goal: solve the puzzle. In addition, to achieve it successfully they must put together a series of strategies, such as organizing the pieces according to their color or shape. Patience is another key to achieving the desired goal.

Now that you know the benefits of putting together puzzles for your children, why not get one and put it together with them?