Wetten, Dass


Wetten, Dass There are 6 pieces in this puzzle plus a rod that moves.  There is one solution that places all pieces inside.There are 10 other solutions with one piece on the outside and the rest inside the frame.  You can move the rod around to make the pieces fit.  A very strange-looking packing puzzle.  Try to fit the geometric shapes into the frame. Made in laser-cut wood and stainless steel by Jean-Claude Constantin. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he designs and manufactures many different wood and metal puzzles, as well as magic tricks and other intellectual toys and games.

Are you a person who loves a good mystery? Me too, I also love jigsaw puzzles and you should know the two are now combined to make a mystery lovers life more challenging. These unique puzzles aptly name mystery jigsaw puzzles use the book to spin the tale but to get to the bottom of who dun it the answer lies within the puzzle itself, you cannot solve the mystery without it. There is just one more bit of sleuthing to do the puzzle doesn’t match the jigsaw picture on the box!

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